Wrongful Death in Nursing Homes

When a nursing home resident dies due to the negligence of administrators and employees, it is considered a wrongful death. These awful and preventable tragedies such as serious falls claim the lives of nursing home residents who may have otherwise lived for many more years. Most elderly people who sustain serious injuries from falls such as fractures and traumatic brain injuries only live for a few weeks or months.

Many elderly people and their immediate families rely on nursing homes to provide high-quality and around clock care. While some elderly people may die in a nursing home, their families never expect that the nursing home could be directly responsible. Unfortunately, sometimes nursing home is responsible for the death.

Nursing home wrongful deaths may occur if staff members:

Abuse or injure residents
Fail to break up resident-on-resident violence
Make medication errors
Neglect residents’ health care needs
Fail to implement a plan to prevent falls
Fail to feed residents who need help with feeding
Fail to feed residents who are at risk of choking properly

Nursing home wrongful deaths are heartbreaking and awful. Enduring the loss of a family member is hard enough. When the death stems from nursing home abuse or neglect, it’s even worse knowing that the family member might still be alive if they had received better care.

Families affected by nursing home wrongful death have legal options available. For example, they may be able to file a lawsuit against the facility and its staff, awarding them with financial compensation and helping them enact change. No amount of compensation can bring a family member back, but it is very important to hold a nursing home accountable for a wrongful death and the suffering their loved one endured. A lawsuit will help to encourage the nursing home to enact changes so other residents can stay safe.

It is important to find a good nursing home attorney who has experience with nursing home cases. Also, keep in mind that the best attorneys will also work without pay until they win the case for their clients, meaning there is no risk for victims and their families to work with them.

A wrongful death lawsuit sends a message to the nursing home and its employees: Things must change, and no other families should suffer. All nursing homes must properly care for their residents including implementing a plan for each resident to prevent falls.

Source: Nursing Home Wrongful Death


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