When You Should Sue a Nursing Home

You should always consult with an attorney that specializes in nursing home abuse / negligence when your loved one has sustained a serious injury that result in permanent disability or death due to nursing home negligence to see what your legal options are. Also, check out other issues such as bed sores due to negligence that would warrant a lawsuit.

A lawsuit will not bring your loved one back from death, but it has the potential to save other residents’ lives and prevent other families from suffering a preventable loss because the nursing home will be forced to rethink how they do things including how to prevent falls.

You definitely should look into suing if your loved one had multiple falls and then a devastating fall that resulted in death or serious injury and the nursing home would not implement a plan to prevent him/her from falling again. You can usually let nursing home falls that only result in minor injuries such as bruises or lacerations go, but on the condition that the nursing home implements a plan to prevent another fall.

Check out Serious Injuries from Nursing Home Falls to learn about when nursing homes are liable for falls that result in serious injuries or death.

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